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​Down​town Playhouse

"The Coolest Casual Night in Town!"

          Pocahontas, Arkansas

While you're here, take a look at some of the great shots of all that is best about Downtown Playhouse! We are built by and managed by volunteers! We hope you appreciate the level of quality and sincere passion that each and every volunteer artist, volunteer actor, volunteer server and volunteer "behind the scenes" worker possesses! That's why we say:

VOLUNTEERS....the heart of the matter...

From day one, this organization has been blessed with wonderful volunteers from all walks of life who simply want to share the joy of live stage production at it's best. They have swept, scraped, scrubbed and sweated. They have measured, planned, built, painted, donated and procured, all to create a wonderfully unique destination for visitors and locals to enjoy! If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this fun group of people, then simply go to our CONTACT page and send us your info. You can be certain that there's a job for you as a volunteer! And, by the way...THANKS! We don't ever want to forget that people just like YOU have made The Downtown Playhouse what it is...and all that it will grow to be! Volunteers are, without a doubt, the "heart" of our organization!

The stunning set of "'night Mother", created by VOLUNTEER DESIGNERS, PAINTERS AND DECORATORS!

Labors of Love, such as this set, are just a small part of what this group of talented volunteers have accomplished! All for the love of quality theatre!

All Opening Night Photography is donated by Cyndi & Geary Barr, the Downtown Playhouse Official Photographers!

Click each picture to enlarge.